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2021: Medicare Plans Are Set To Decrease by 34.2%*

Monday September 20, 2021

When was the last time you thought about how much you pay for your Medicare supplement insurance? Did you stop to consider you may be paying more than your neighbor for the same plan? Or even worse, more than the national average?

Seniors in America don’t always realize they could be saving BIG by enrolling in special Medicare Supplement plans. This is because the information hasn’t been readily available until now, and also because many seniors get pushed into Medicare Supplement plans that don’t actually provide good coverage.

These special plans are exclusively available in qualified zip codes for residents.

Thanks to the internet, seniors in these qualified zip codes are discovering Medicare supplement insurance plans with amazing coverage at rock-bottom prices.

Now that you know, you can too!

Disrupting a Billion Dollar Industry

For a long time, the only way to find out about these plans was to call each individual Medicare insurance company in your area, and then you would have to decide from there which plan to enroll in.

This means calling dozens of different companies. Now all this work is not needed. Thanks to Medicare-Savings.org, you can view all the available Medicare supplement plans in one place online, and choose for yourself which one to enroll in.

What exactly do you need to do? Here is one easy rule to follow.

The One Rule All Experts Say You Should Follow When Selecting A Plan!

You have to compare plans. Don’t even consider enrolling in a Medicare Supplement plan without doing this first. Looking at recent studies of Medicare subscribers in America, we just couldn’t believe how many people were paying for a Medicare Supplement plan that didn’t provide them with full coverage. With Medicare-Savings.org comparing plans is a breeze. Their network of top insurance companies and agents helps frugal seniors save more money on their medical expenses.

It’s really no wonder that with so many seniors saving money on their medical expenses, Medicare-Savings.org is gaining momentum. The are an efficient source that tries to give consumers access to the Medicare Supplement plans with the highest coverage at the lowest prices.

Fortunately, a lot of smart seniors out there figured out how to enroll in the right plan using Medicare-Savings.org’s free service to find the perfect plan.

Is Your Zip Code A Winner?

The best Medicare Supplement insurances tend to get rolled out randomly. We’ll be honest – some places may have nothing better available, and others will have tons of options.

You could be very smart and already have the best possible plan that exists for your needs. If you are that smart, then of course you want to double check and do your research, don’t you?

The upside is, if you check and see the options that are available, then you can be on your way to putting thousands of dollars back into your pocket or just happy about your coverage in general!

It costs nothing to check, so it’s very much worth your time. Just enter your zip below so we can start the search for you!

Follow These 3 Simple Steps To See What You Qualify For:

  1. Enter your zip code below!

  2. Complete a few questions about yourself (60 seconds) and see all the options available to you (no login required).

  3. Enjoy your savings! Put money back into your pocket every year & stop stressing about medical bills

*34.2% decrease is comparing 2017 & 2021 plans - source: cms.gov

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